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Gazebos are extremely useful for a multitude of purposes, from constituting a central piece in your garden to using at parties, fundraisers and so forth. They are of many types, plying to your requirements, in terms of frequency of use (whether you want the gazebo to be a permanent feature of your garden or simply use it on special occasions), as well as the storage space available for it, as foldable gazebos are very popular nowadays due to extra storage convenience. If you want a permanently installed gazebo, the best option is a metal or a wooden one, as it is a fixed and durable structure you can always use; on the other hand, if you want to set it up temporarily, the pop up gazebo would be your best choice.

Moreover, gazebos provide shelter from sunlight, and according to their size and design, protect you from strong winds and rain, to prevent the changing moods of the weather from disrupting your events. Whether they are made of wood or metal and thus have a more traditional appeal (some including a swing), or are pop up gazebos, created in an innovative style, all gazebos have very attractive designs and will be a valuable addition to the decoration of your garden.


The advantages of owning a gazebo are very obvious, as gazebos are both pleasant in terms of appearance and extremely practical for relaxing outdoors or using at a special event, such as a party or any kind of outdoor gathering. Gazebos provide protection from direct sunlight exposure as well as from mild rain and stronger winds, and create that perfect combination between intimacy and open space, which is quite endeared by anyone who has a garden.

A gazebo can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood or metal, which brings a traditional feel to it, or from polyester, if it’s foldable (a pop up gazebo) which is water resistant and usually includes a very sturdy steel frame. Gazebos also come in a multitude of designs and can include details such as side curtains, swings etc. depending on the particular type, shape and material they are made from. Gazebos also come in a multitude of colours. If they are made of wood, the colour will depend on the colour of the timber, which ranges from light to very dark; hardwoods are predominantly used as they are very resilient and suitable for the outdoors. Of course, wooden gazebos do come in painted designs as well, and so do metal ones. Polyester gazebos are predominantly dark green or white, although the green variation is more common. A mixture of white and green is also very popular, and if you are more eccentric, other colours are available as well, even very bright ones such as red.

Nowadays, pop up gazebos are by far the most sought after, as they are easy to store, easy to use and very practical. The steel frames withstand an impressive amount of weight and are very dependable; therefore you can be sure of the durability and efficiency of your gazebo.